Lessons learned this school year

7:00 am May. 30, 2018

Another school year in the books. Hallelujah! (This is the time parents everywhere are praising whatever higher power they believe in).

Your kids did it, parents! And so did you — because we all know that

Is playing on a sports team making your child sick?

8:36 am Sep. 25, 2017

We love when kids play sports. They are getting physical fitness, and they are learning important lessons about working with other people, perseverance and mental toughness.

But coming in contact with so many other people on

10 things to know about Back to School nights

10:05 am Sep. 5, 2017

Back to School nights are upon us. I know we have two this week and if I still had a kid in elementary school, I’d have three.

Before you go, keep these things in mind:

This isn’t