HURRICANE HARVEY: 7 babies from Corpus Christi hospital taken to Dell Children’s

A medical team moves an infant from Corpus Christi to Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas using an air ambulance overnight in advance of Hurricane Harvey. Dell Children’s Medical Center

Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas is now home to seven infants from Discoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi.

The infants who were in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units were brought to Dell Children’s last night in preparation for Hurricane Harvey, which is expected to hit Corpus Christi late tonight or early Saturday morning. Care teams move them to Dell Children’s by air and ground.

“Being part of the Texas Hospital Association of Texas made it easy for us to communicate directly with Driscoll Children’s Hospital and partner to get their needs,” said Deb Brown, vice president and chief operating officer, Dell Children’s Medical Center. “Driscoll Children’s did an outstanding job of alerting us early and giving us time to get there. We’re honored to help care for their patients in this time of need.”

The infants will remain at Dell Children’s until it is safe for them to return to Corpus Christi.



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