How does Victoria Beckham dress our girls? Surprisingly well with new Target line

Victoria Beckham’s new line for girls at Target.

I’m always wary of when celebrity designers try to dress girls. Often, they make them look way too adult. It’s one of the things that Austin’s Sharon Choksi has been working on with her “Girls Will Be” line. 

Sunday, Target stores will begin carrying designs by Victoria Beckham — she of Spice Girls and David Beckham fame and a model in her own right — for toddlers, girls and women.

When I clicked on the link, I expected to be horrified by how she was dressing the girls. I expected some hoochiemama looks. And I was shocked. It’s actually really stylish and very conservative. Maybe, a bit more girly than my daughter would have worn, but definitely covered. They’re all in the $12 to $25 price range.

The only nit. Those shorts won’t pass any dress code at any school. They, like most shorts you can find, are way too short. Let’s work on that, Victoria.

Victoria Beckham’s new line at Target.

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