Share your Girl Scout cookies memories

Nicole Villalpando leads Troop 1124, a group of eighth- and seventh-grade Girl Scouts.

Nicole Villalpando leads Troop 1124, a group of eighth- and seventh-grade Girl Scouts and was once a Brownie and Junior Girl Scout.

Today, we’re celebrating the 100th birthday of the Girl Scout cookie with the start of the Girl Scout cookie season in Central Texas.

I’m a Girl Scout leader for my 13-year-old daughter’s troop and was a Girl Scout as a kid. Here’s my favorite memory:

All three years of my Girl Scout career as a kid, I always managed to get sick during Girl Scout cookie season — never any other time of the year, but always at Girl Scout cookie season. My poor mother would sign me up for a booth and then, I’d get the flu or some other virus and have to beg another girl to take my shift. Over three years, I think I was well for only one booth. But my troop always pitched in and sold the cookies I couldn’t sell.

Each year, it was really important to sell enough to earn the stuffed animal for the year. That’s what I learned with a kookaburra was and the song about the bird.

I remember getting to go to a Girl Scout carnival and winning a goldfish and the look of annoyance on my mother’s face. I don’t think the fish made it more than a week.

I also remember cookies being $1.75 and the number of quarters we had to carry around being annoying. At that point, why not make it $2? I think they did shortly after.

I also remember getting to go to Girl Scout camp because of my cookie sales, small as they were. We had to clean the outhouse and there were daddy longlegs spiders everywhere. It wasn’t the resort that Camp Texlake is today.

But most of my Girl Scout memories are with my daughter. We’ve been all over Texas and last year we went to Arkansas. Now we’re planning a cruise to Jamaica. Don’t worry, I’ll make it educational.

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