My daughter campaigned for a puppy for a year; watch as she gets one

Last fall, our 7-year-old daughter, Kona, began asking for a puppy. We thought it was just a phase.

Then she started researching pet ownership. And reading up on different breeds. And writing dog-fact-filled books.

A book titled “9 Things About Corgis” was part of the campaign efforts. credit: Kristin Finan

Every day, she would give us some kind of dog-related note. One day, I got out of the shower to find a drawing of a little girl and a dog taped to the mirror with a vaguely threatening message: “This better be my future, Mom.”

This was getting serious. Occasionally I would post photos of her notes on social media, and she instantly gained supporters among our friends.

“So is she getting a dog?” one of our friends asked in May. “It’s almost getting mean to string her along!” Others started using the hashtag #teamkona.

The fact was, while I appreciated her dedication to the cause, my husband and I had also recently taken in two infant foster daughters in addition to our two biological daughters and were still adjusting to being a household of six that included four girls under the age of 8. The timing just wasn’t quite right.

Kona disagreed.

“We have babys, so what?”

We were at a stalemate until late September, when a judge decided that our foster daughters, whom we had hoped to adopt, would go back to live with their biological family. We were all devastated, including Kona, who had loved those girls as if they were her own biological sisters.

Three days after they left, as we were settling back into a house that suddenly seemed eerily quiet, I received an email from a contact in Dallas saying she had an 8-week-old female Corgi puppy available. I hadn’t been in touch with her since April 2015. It was serendipity.

My husband and I agreed that we wanted to get the puppy for Kona, who we felt truly deserved it. For an entire year, everything in her world had revolved around putting in the work to get a puppy. She didn’t even ask for toys anymore.

I don’t know who was most excited about the puppy surprise, but I can tell you it was one of those magical parenting moments we’ll never forget. Check out the video below to see how it went.

Author: Kristin Finan

Kristin Finan is a writer, editor and author. Learn more about her at

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