A winter coat with car seats in mind

Cozywoggle jackets can be unzipped at the sides to fit under the car restraints. Credit: Cozywoggle

When Austin does get winter weather, parents face a dilemma. Put coat-wearing kids in their car seats, which makes the car seats not fit properly, or take off the coat, put the kid in the car seat, and then put back on the coat when you arrive at your destination. The Cozywoggle avoids that whole mess because it’s a coat that unzips at the sides, which makes you be able to slip the car seat restraints underneath the jacket. When you’re ready to exit the vehicle, you unfasten the restraints, slide them off and zip up the sides again. They sell for $59.99 at cozywoggle.com.

Author: Nicole Villalpando

Nicole Villalpando writes about families in the Raising Austin blog and the Raising Austin column on Saturdays. She also offers a weekly and monthly family calendar at austin360.com/raisingaustin. She tweets at @raisingaustin.

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