Make this easy Halloween costume: Jedi

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This week I’m offering five costumes you can make at home with things you probably have or can get quickly. Find the others

Watch this video and see how we did it. (The instructions are also below.) Share your own DIY costumes #360Costumes.

“Star Wars” Jedi


White men’s dress shirt

Khaki pants

Brown belt

Brown boots

Two tubes of cellophane in green, red or blue, or solid-colored wrapping paper

Aluminum foil




Put on your men’s dress shirt on and crisscross the two sides of the front, covering as many buttons as you can. Wear the brown belt backwards on top of the shirt. Put on khaki pants and boots.

To make a lightsaber, squish one end of a cellophane roll so that you can fit it inside the other roll. Wrap the bottom end with aluminum foil.

Variations: Make a ninja costume with black pants, black shirt and a black or red scarf or ribbon. Make a karate costume with white shirt, white pants and a black scarf or ribbon.

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