First day of school: We want to hear your stories

The first day of school is quickly approaching, which means a new crop of youngsters will be taking the traumatic step towards growing up: going to preschool or kindergarten. Tiny tots all over town will cling to mom’s hand and hide behind dad’s legs. Some will act tough, like 4-year-old Andrew in this viral video, but deep down they’re really going to miss their mommies.

Andrew reminds us a little of ourselves when our parents dropped us off at school for the first time. So we want to know – what are your memories of the first day of school? Did you throw the biggest tantrum in the class? Were you the kid that hid under the desk all day? We want to hear your stories, be they embarrassing, hilarious or otherwise.

Email your stories (and a photo, if you’d like to share) to with the subject line “Reader stories” and yours might end up in print or online.

And as you’re sending your kids off for another year of learning, email photos to, and tag your pictures with #atxfirstday in Instagram and Twitter.

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