Toddlers are a-holes… yes, they are, but so are teens

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toddlersareaholesA new book came across my desk: “Toddlers are A**holes; It’s Not Your Fault,” by Bunmi Laditan. It had me cracking up even though I’m about nine years removed from living with a toddler. And then I thought, I could easily exchange the word toddlers for teenagers.

Some fun from the book: How do you know you have a toddler? All four food groups can be found between your couch cushions. You’ve had to say “Stop eating out of the trash” in the last twenty-four hours. You sometimes wish you had a time machine and a condom.

And some positive affirmations: I will take revenge when this child is older, One day this kid will have to change my diapers, At least I don’t have triplets.

The book is $10.95 from Workman Publishing.


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