Get ready. Flu season expected to be bad

4:09 pm Dec. 12, 2017

Look out, Central Texas, the flu will be coming our way, and those epidemiologists — the experts in disease — believe it’s going to be a rough season. Doctors have  started to see increases of

What should you give a teacher for the holidays?

10:24 am Dec. 11, 2017

There are certain times of the year when teacher gifts are kind of the thing to do. Think: Teacher appreciation week in May, end of the school year and the Christmas/Hanukkah/winter holidays.

You don’t have to, but

Enter to win tickets to “Pitch Perfect 3”

3:07 pm Dec. 8, 2017

I don’t know why, but this one has my whole family excited. It might be somewhat inappropriate, but I know my whole Girl Scout troop loves this film and their mothers do, too. It’s PG-13,